About The Pilgrimage Project

As reflective journeys, pilgrimages arise in many faith traditions with destinations ranging from Compostela to Mecca to Varanasi to Jerusalem. “The Pilgrimage Project” takes its name from this tradition to cultivate a spirit of contemplation on Georgetown University’s campus. Many campus communities, histories, and resources are hiding in plain sight and might be made transparent through “deep mapping” of the campus geography.

“The Pilgrimage Project” begins this journey through a specific site: Old North, Georgetown’s oldest standing academic building. During the 2015–2016 academic year, courses across the departments of Communication, Culture and Technology (CCT), Art and Museum Studies, and English animated and excavated Old North as a site of pilgrimage and contemplation, working together in collaboration. We explored the visible and invisible aspects of the space to raise questions about what it means to inhabit and interact with a campus community, what gets lost and found in translation, and how we can share this process of awareness with the greater community.

Students from the English department wrote haiku in Dahlgren courtyard outside of the building, students in the Museum Studies program researched a set of paintings displayed within, and students in the CCT program explored the history of Georgetown and the work of their fellow students through film, remix, and ultimately an interactive installation.

Like any pilgrimage, the journey becomes the destination. This website hosts artifacts and experiments from all of the classes that participated in the Pilgrimage Project.

Participating Classes

Art and Museum Studies:
AMUS 500: “Museum Studies Foundations”

Communication, Culture and Technology:
CCTP-655: “Methods of Media Production”
CCTP-623: “Remix Practices”
CCTP-000: “Interactive Technologies for Cultural Heritage”
CCTP-822: “Installation and Exhibit Design”

ENGL-280: “Introduction to Creative Writing”

Thanks & Donors
The Pilgrimage Project was developed through Georgetown’s Teaching, Learning, & Innovation Summer Institute (TLISI) and generously funded through an Initiative for Technology Enhanced Learning (ITEL) grant from the Center for New Designs in Learning & Scholarship (CNDLS).

We would like to the thank our collaborators across the Georgetown campus and in particular the McCourt School of Public Policy, which calls Old North its home.

Departments & Organizations
Art & Museum Studies
Booth Center for Special Collections
Center for New Designs in Learning and
Scholarship (CNDLS)
Communication, Culture & Technology (CCT)
Department of English
Gelardin New Media Center
Georgetown Technology Design Studio (TDS)
McCourt School of Public Policy
Office of the Provost
Office of Design and Construction
Office of Planning and Facilities Management
The Georgetown Working Group on Slavery, Memory, and Reconciliation

Special Thanks To:
Ruben Acosta, Davis Development
Lynn Conway, University Archivist
Bob Pike, McCourt School of Public Policy
Laura Winters, McCourt School of Public Policy

The Pilgrimage Project Team
Evan Barba – Communication, Culture & Technology
Ethan Henderson – Booth Family Center for Special Collections
Gretchen Henderson – Department of English
Lesley Kadish – Visiting Researcher & Smithsonian Fellow
J.R. Osborn – Communication, Culture & Technology
Lisa Strong – Art and Museum Studies
Don Undeen – Visiting Research & Cultural Innovation Strategist
LuLen Walker – Booth Family Center for Special Collections

Participating Students
Fatima Al-Dosari
Julia Anastos
Amanda Andrei
Xuejun Bao
Joanna Barclay
Rachel Barclay
Naina Boveja
Amanda Brouillard
Chelsea Burwell
Hannah Caulkins
Evan Couture
Nathan Danskey
Molly DePippo
Carl Dodge
Emily Doll
Emily Edwards
Maria Elena Firippis
Sarah Fisher
Huan Geng
Yingxue Guo
John Hanacek
Taylor Harding
Grace Harlow
Joanna Hawkins
Linda Huber
Joseph Hwang
Caitlin Karna
Dur Kattan
Gina Kim
Jee Young Kim
Evian Kuznik
Tatiana Lebreton
Muroumi Li
Tong Li
Ziyan Liu
Midi Lyoo
Wren Manly
Martín Mazzeo
Allie McCarthy
Areej Medhi
Chris Miller
Meghan Murphy
Christina O’Brien
Sam O’Driscoll
Patricja Okuniewska
Evelyn Pacheco
Sam Redd
Becky Roman
Liz Sabatiuk
Christina Smith
Danielle Storbeck
Casey Tilton
Shimeng Tong
Ainsley Trahan
Lia Trangucci
Hannah Unger
Ken Wake
Jiaxi Wang
Xi Wang
Terra Warren
Amanda Weise
Laura Werthmann
Han Wu
Jiaxin Yang
Nina Yang
Wenhui Yang
Ramón Zamora
Mengya Zhou

Student Curatorial & Design Team
Naina Boveja – Curation & Communications
Linda Huber – Guidebook
Dur Kattan – Curation & Communications
Tong Li – Visual Design
Liz Sabatiuk – Website


Creative Commons License
The Pilgrimage Project Website by oldnorth.georgetown.domains is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

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