Material Timeline of Old North

Laura Werthmann creating background for timeline project.

Laura Werthmann creating background for timeline project.

On a small landing at the top of the staircase you encounter a network of wires studded with stones and shards of brick and wood. Each node has a small label specifying a date, an event, or a material. The timeline visualizes Old North’s history in relation to its material foundation.

This project by CCT student Laura Werthmann seeks to foster new perspective on culture and historical meaning by exploring how society worked with different materials throughout time.

The displayed information is drawn from three data sets: (1) the history of Old North’s architecture, decor, and landscape; (2) important Georgetown events, including the visits by fourteen U.S. Presidents to Old North; and (3) significant dates uncovered by the Georgetown Working Group on Slavery, Memory, and Reconciliation.



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